Hi.  I am APRILIANA KUSFITA ANGGARANI (Lya Parker) everyone just calls me Lya


I know Bali Huts because “I MAKE THEM” With my team.

My factory is in Gatak – Sukoharjo. Central Java. Better known as SOLO

 SOLO is the “SPIRIT of JAVA”

The website for my factories is www.cvprimejava.com


I am also a co-owner of PRIME LIQUIDATIONS –  So I not only make the BALI HUTS I also sell them at my FACTORY PRICES – Other retailers BUY FROM ME.


A few facts about BALI HUTS.

The Bali Hut was originally copied from houses – many of these houses lasted 50 years and more – I know because I was brought up surrounded by them.

These huts are not native nor made in Bali – they are actually made in the central province of Java. This is where they originated from. Even today in the provincial areas they are prolific. Mainly because of economic reasons and they last a long time with minimum maintenance or repairs required.



The first question near everyone asks is:

The Roof Material – “WHATS THE BEST” ?

Straw (Aland Alang) or Palm Leaf.  Without a doubt its PALM LEAF

Palm leaf is what has been used for centuries and has stood the test of time. It is not unusual for palm leaf roofs to last for 30 years or more.

Some 10 years ago we experimented with making our Bali huts with grass (alang alang) roofing – what a disaster – IT JUST DOES NOT LAST. And the birds love it for their nests. Palm leaf is to strong and tough for the birds to remove.

And grass (alang alang) needs to be repaired and replaced regularly. Whereas Palm Leaf is maintenance free and lasts for a long long time.


ARE THE PALM ROOFS WATER PROOF? Yes; In Java we use a palm leaf roof and a split bamboo ceiling. And it’s completely water proof. For export we not only use a palm leaf roof and a split bamboo ceiling but we also insert between them a plastic membrane.



NONE. You may do more harm than good.

Bamboo has a natural protective coating and the older it gets – the stronger it gets. Bamboo by weight is stronger than steel.

The palm leaf roof never needs to be touched.


Prime Liquidations